Electronic music artists make fashion. Creativity unfoalds without boundaries, to be worn with proud. A different DJ every four months. Every collection with a soundtrack. Always unpredictable, expect the unexpected.

F**k merchandise, long live label fashion! Classy street wear inspired by outstanding label artwork. For lovers of exceptional clothes and electronic music. Demanding designs on fine rags, made by the celebrators of electronic music.

Young designers on the brink of madness, for you. Experimental but wearable fashion with unique detail and a twist. Natural off-beat replaces mainstream. Strong independent adventurism with a comfortable finish.

❄ ❅ ❆ zum 1. … zum 2. … und zum 3. ! ❆ ❅ ❄

The coolest charity thingy EVER!

Kids need music!

...that's why we set up this extraordinary christmas calendar! Together with 24 well-known Djs we're collecting money for the organization „Kinder brauchen Musik!“ founded by Rolf Zuckowski.

The idea for the collection Deepsea with Mathias Kaden was easily found. By choosing three different animals, living in the sea, he wanted to point out the contrasts within this alien world.
Souvenir In the City
JThe label belonging to Tiefschwarz hit the mark for another time and we are really happy to exclusively present you the „In the City“ Shirts.
BPitch Control knows where the Wind blows
Finally we got it! Now you can find fashion and music of BPitch Control in our shop! We are really proud to present you the cool shirts and other stuff on our clothes rails and online.
SIXPACK FRANCE is one of our favorite T-Shirt Labels. Actually you can’t name it that way any longer. Sixpack has grown up and offers a fashionable roundup of clothing.
WINTER is back! But... together with Dirty Doering we are now officially calling it spring and are killing two flies with one stone!